July 23, 2024

Cinthia Luse

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A Space Planning Guide For Home Designers

A Space Planning Guide For Home Designers


Imagine you’re an interior designer, working with a client on their dream home. You’ve drawn up the perfect floor plan and design, but there’s one major obstacle in your way: space. How do you know how much room each room of a house needs? And what about hallways and foyers? Well, for over 40 years, the answer has been to use a space planning guide.

A Space Planning Guide For Home Designers

What is a Space Planning Guide?

A space planning guide is a tool used to help determine how much room a client needs in each room of their house. This can be done by measuring the actual dimensions of the space and then adding up all your measurements to get an idea of how much square footage you have available for furniture, appliances, etc. Space planning guides are especially useful for designers who work with clients who have limited funds or who are on a tight timeline (i.e., they need their home designed and built quickly).

You can find free printable space planning guides online if you’re looking for something quick–but if you want something more customizable or professional-looking (and don’t mind paying), check out these websites:

Why Should I Use a Space Planning Guide?

Using a space planning guide is the best way to ensure that your clients’ homes are well-designed and functional. The most important reason is that it helps you determine how much room the client needs in each room of their house. This will help you create an accurate floor plan, which can then be used by contractors when they remodel or build new homes for these clients.

Another reason why it’s important to use this tool is because it helps you determine how much space is available in each room of your client’s home before making any decisions about what furniture should go into those spaces. Once again, this will allow contractors who work with these clients–and may even be working alongside you–to do so with greater accuracy than if they were relying solely on their own instincts or guesses when deciding how big certain pieces should be based on measurements alone (which could lead them astray).

Finally, using this type of guide allows designers themselves (like yourself!) more freedom when coming up with ideas about where items should go within each living area because now instead simply being limited by measurements alone; instead there are multiple factors involved such as overall size requirements along with other considerations such as safety concerns regarding falls/slip hazards etcetera.”

How to Use a Space Planning Guide

A space planning guide is a tool that helps you plan out your home. It’s like an instruction manual for designing, but it’s more visual and less technical than an actual manual would be.

How should you use a space planning guide? Well, first off: look for one! You can find them in bookstores or on Amazon–and if you’re looking to save some money (or just want something more personalized), then feel free to make your own! Once you’ve got your hands on one of these guides, here are some tips for using them effectively:

  • Make sure all of the rooms in your house have been accounted for! This means making sure each room has its own section within the document so that no area gets left behind during construction or remodeling projects later down the line when they may not fit into current plans as well as they did before due largely or entirely due their lack thereof during initial design stages earlier than expected due unforeseen circumstances arising unexpectedly which caused delays resulting from unforeseen circumstances affecting progress towards completion date set forth by contract signed between parties involved including contractors hired directly by client(s) themselves without prior knowledge beforehand

A space planning guide is an essential tool for interior designers and other home design pros, who use it to determine how much room a client needs in each room of their house.

A space planning guide is an essential tool for interior designers and other home design pros, who use it to determine how much room a client needs in each room of their house. It’s basically just a blueprint that indicates where you can put furniture and other things like cabinets, windows and doors. A good space planning guide will help you create the perfect layout for your home so that it feels comfortable and spacious without being too cluttered or crowded.

The best way to get started with this process is by measuring out each room using measurements from the floor plan provided by your architect or designer (or if they don’t have one yet then just measure yourself). Once all of your rooms have been measured out then draw lines between them so that they’re connected on paper–this will give you an idea of how much space there actually is between rooms rather than just seeing them individually as separate entities.”


With a space planning guide, you can easily determine how much room each room needs, so that you can make sure your clients’ homes are built exactly how they want them. As an interior designer, I use this tool every day and I recommend it for anyone who is in the business of designing spaces or just wants to know what size furniture works best where in their home.